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How to Earn Money as a Blogger

How to Earn Money as a Blogger

‘Can you earn money blogging?’ This is question that I’m often asked. The answer is yes, and in many different ways. This article teaches you several of the most common methods on how to earn money from a blog, so if this is a subject that has ever interested you then keep reading.

When in started several years ago I asked this very same question, I was just starting university and wanted to know how to earn money as a college student – something I could do in my spare time, I needed to know how to earn money without a job or if it were even possible.

To cut a long story short I learned how to earn money from a blog, granted it didn’t happen overnight, but with consistency I found I could make an extra income online with my website.

So how do people make money blogging?

The main answer I would give to this question is from advertisers. These are your main earners and I think most bloggers would agree. Ad networks like Google AdSense or are your best bet in my opinion. Basically, what you’re doing is setting up a space on your website/ blog for brands to place their ads. You’ll receive a code from the ad network when your application is accepted, you’re then instructed to place this code on your sidebar (or wherever you like for that matter), from there you pretty much set it up and let it run! Advertising on your website usually pays a certain amount per click or number of impressions.

How do you get paid as a blogger?

The most preferred method of payment for advertisers is through PayPal as it’s the most secure. However, there’s also the option of a standing order or cheque.


Now affiliates is just another way of advertising where you are paid per sale or lead rather than per click. By promoting items on your blog with a unique affiliate link bloggers get paid each time someone purchases using that link. Amazon Associates has a great affiliate program you can register with and promote tons of product relevant to your blog or niche. Other great sites I would recommend are, Commission Junction and ClickBank.
Remember the best part of being a blogger is that you’re pretty much your own boss, meaning you have control of what you want to promote on your website and what you want to write about – so why not make it something you’re passionate about? If you’re really serious about affiliate marketing then check out Wealthy Affiliate for a proper education on how to do it like the professionals! These guys definitely know what they’re doing and have helped me earn a significant monthly income.

Sponsored posts

This is where you are paid by companies to write a specific post to promote a product or service. Many bloggers charge hundreds for these types of services because you’re essentially adding a permanent promotion to your website for these companies. As I mentioned earlier, since this is your website you have licence to be picky and choose what you want to promote. You must however, disclose what you’re doing so your readers aren’t misled into thinking you’re not being paid for doing this.
If this is a path you want to check out for your blog Linqua have some great sponsored opportunities that might catch your eye.

Sell your own products or services

This relates more to those who already have a skill or business they want to promote using a blog. A lot of companies use this as part of their sales funnel and trust me it works, why do you think so many companies have a blog? Not just to add more to their workload but because it’s such an effective way to inform whilst promoting. Plus blogs do rank well on search engines like Google so you can understand the benefits.
Alternatively, I know a lot of bloggers that promote services like graphics design, social media management (I did that) or even consultations.

Pros and cons of starting your own blog

I have to be honest with you starting your own blog is not for quitters. If you’re really serious about it then it’s best to tell yourself you’re in it for the long term because you won’t see results overnight. Also, there’s a bit of a learning curve if you’re a beginner, things like the basics of building a website, hosting, domains, keywords, ranking, indexing, stock images and social media are some of the topics you’ll need to get your head around. Luckily there are sites like Wealthy Affiliate that teach you ALL this and more and have full support to help you no matter what stage you’re at (how do you think I learned all this??). Now that’s all I have to say regarding the cons because if you’re willing to overcome these hurdles the pros far outshine the cons.
Like I said you’ll be your own boss, and like any business you have to put the work in to see the rewards. Once I realised I there was a possibility to never do another mind-numbing commute to a workplace I couldn’t stand I was sold, but it might take more than that convince you. What about dictating your own hours, not asking permission to go on holiday or being able to spend more time doing things you like rather than the things you care nothing about? Not to mention start up costs are one the lowest of any new business venture. These are just some of the perks I’ve found since I became a blogger, it’s still hard work and it may not be for you, but I hope this helps make your decision a little easier.

Best of luck!

What are your thoughts on blogging as an extra income? We’d love to hear your opinions so please feel free to comment, like and share.

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  • I thought about starting a blog for a long time, however not sure how to actually start it, do you just write about something you are interested in, do you have to make an intro about yourself? Things like that is what is holding me back….
    Thanks for the advice in ‘How to earn money blogging’, really useful tips.

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