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Healthy Food Hacks in a Few Minutes

Healthy Food Hacks in a Few Minutes

The cherry lovers.

Everyone knows cherries are a delicious source of antioxidants. Did you know that cherries contain melatonin? Which promotes better sleep. Sweet cherries are also very low on the glycemic index so they can protect you against diabetes and decrease belly fat. May people avoid them because of the seeds – here’s a quick and easy way to remove the cherry seeds so you can enjoy as many as you like. Take a clean empty coke bottle with small opening at the top. Push the skew through the cherry until the seed falls to the bottom of the bottle.

How to avoid the mango mess

If you’ve struggled to peel a mango or just avoided them altogether because you want to avoid the sticky mango mess. Here’s two simple tips you must try. First take a wide-rimmed glass or tumbler, cut your mango in half, then hold the mango at the edge of the glass and slowly slide the mango down. The flesh of the mango is then easily separated from the skin for delicious mango segments in seconds.
The second tip is to cut your mango in half then cut small sections vertically and horizontally then slowly peel back the mango skin.

Healthy pasta sauce in seconds

Most of us love a creamy pasta sauce from time to time, but it’s sometime hard to find a good pasta sauce that’s healthy. Why not try replacing your creamy pasta base with hummus? it contains a fraction of the fat and taste just a good. #Try replacing your regular pasta with zucchini or courgette pasta/ spaghetti for an exceptionally healthy and nutritious meal.

No more onion tears

Onions are super healthy and one of the basics of every great meal, only problem is most people can’t cut onions without crying. The quickest and easiest way to combat onions tears is to put your onions in the freezer for about – minutes before you’re ready to prepare. The cold has a chemical reaction to the onion and limits the odours that hurt your eyes – much cheaper than a pair of goggles.

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