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6 Summer Haircare Hacks You Wish You Already Knew

6 Summer Haircare Hacks You Wish You Already Knew

Hair care can be quite a burden for some in the winter. From managing greasy scalps to taming that frizz we all could use some good advice to combat our hair woes.

Here’s 10 handy summer hair care tips you won’t be able to live without.

The Greasy Scalp

We all know that using a hair conditioner is paramount to keeping hair moisturised and free from breakage. However, in the hot summer months you may find that conditioners weigh your hair brown and cause it to feel greasy and lose it’s volume – especially at the roots.

Instead try applying your conditioner to the ends of your hair only. In most cases the ends of your hair are the most pronento damage and need that little more protection so don’t ditch your conditioner completely just concentrate on applying to the ends and avoiding your roots. Since your roots tends to produce the most sebum (oily buildup) the more conditioner you use in the hotter seasons will help to weigh down your hair making it look dull and less voluminous. Try it for yourself and notice the difference.


Hair Protection – Beaches and Swimming Pools

If you love the water in summer it’s important to protect your delicate strands from damaging chemicals like chlorine and salt water.

To ensure your hair stays healthy when swimming, rinse your hair with filtered or regular water before you go for a swim. This will create an extra barrier between your hair and these damaging chemicals. For further protection use a leave-in conditioner into help strengthen your strands.


Tame The Frizz With Vinegar

Does frizz take over your life in the summertime? Try spritzing your hair with diluted apple cider vinegar straight after shampooing. Leave in your hair for a couple minutes, then rinse out with luke warm water. Apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH in your hair and scalp. It also promotes hair growth and treats dandruff.

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Protective Styling

The sun can be very damaging to the hair at times, that’s why it’s important to protect your strands from over-styling with an up-do or protective style. The best thing about a protective style is it can save you time and keep your ends from damage from the sun.

Beach Waves

If you have naturally wavy hair nothing looks better in the summer than those natural looking beach waves. Just keep that wrapped towel on after washing and conditioning your hair and sit by the pool until your natural curls are almost dry for that untamed beautiful locks look.

Flyaway Strands

Do you suffer from those short, whispers hair strands that won’t stay put in a ponytail? Take a toothbrush and spray it lightly with some hairspray. Then carefully sweep the toothbrush onto the unruly strands. This will keep them tame and out of your way all day!

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